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Monkey’s expression and personality will develop over time. Over time, exposure to light and air will make any colour nuances in the teak into a more even, golden brown and warm tone.





Since 1992, plantation teak has been used for making Monkey as a sustainable alternative to rain forest teak. We only use responsibly produced teak from FSC®-certified plantations in our production. Read more about FSC® on our website, kaybojesen-denmark.dk. The use of plantation teak contributes to more responsible felling and helps preserve the rain forest and wildlife.

In nature, teak is uneven and mottled in its look, and it is described as a living natural product. The colour structure is affected by the soil conditions where it grows, including different minerals, which means that the wood can be dark, light, wax-yellow or grey-green when freshly cut. The variations in colour are, therefore, a natural phenomenon and not a sign of poor quality. It is important to note that, after it has been felled, the wood is put through a colour maturation process, so it will become more even over time as it is exposed to light and air.

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Every single Kay Bojesen Monkey has its own unique personality.

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Our supplier focuses on making the different colour variations as similar as possible. A special attempt is made to match the arms and legs with the colour of the Monkey’s body, while the head will often appear darker than the rest of the Monkey. Colour variations are inevitable and therefore not a quality parameter. Instead, the quality parameters for the wood include that the surface should be free of splinters, scars or cracks, and only healthy knots are acceptable.

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Kay Bojesen is regarded as one of Denmark's biggest designer names and his designs are among the most popular in Danish design.


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