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The Bojesen family’s patio in Bellavista was full of flowers, wicker furniture and birds. We found a photograph of the Songbird in one of the family photo albums. On investigating, it emerged that there were originally five birds. The songbirds were created based on the original birds as well as a little flock of birds glued to a stick, all painted in Kay Bojesen’s original, glowing colours.

Georg 498X350aax

Songbird Georg unites Kay Bojesen’s universes in wood and silver,
as both beak and legs are decorated with silver leaf.
The lush green shades of its plumage are inspired by Kay Bojesen’s jade jewellery.

Alfred 3 498X350px

Alfred is named after one of Kay Bojesen’s great-grandchildren. 
This Nordic name signifies innocence and peace, which
have always been typical of the designer’s wooden figures.

Peter 1 498X350px

This songbird is named after
Kay Bojesen’s eldest grandchild.

Pop 1 498X350px

This songbird is called Pop because Kay Bojesen
loved Danish sparkling mineral water.

Sunshine 498X350px

This songbird is called Sunshine and represents
one of the five original colour combinations.

Ruth 498X350px

This songbird takes its name from
Kay Bojesen’s Swedish daughter-in-law. 

Ravn 498X350px

With its jet-black colour, the bird is a stylish,
classic feature in the otherwise pretty and colourful flock of birds. 

Kay 498X350px

The songbird has been respectfully named Kay, and the colour is
the artist’s favourite shade of blue.

Ernst 1 498X350px

Ernst is named after Kay Bojesen’s father – a man
of many talents. He was a businessman, publishing director,
cultural personality, and also a creative soul who together with his wife
Valborg inspired his son Kay to create this flock of beloved wooden figures.

Baggrund Farve

Since 1930

Danish design

Kay Bojesen is regarded as one of Denmark's biggest designer names and his designs are among the most popular in Danish design.


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