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In our repair kit we’ve collected all the parts you’ll need to repair your teak monkey so it can be complete again.
If the pictures and text instructions aren’t enough, then try our video.

Video Knap 966X500px

Start by removing all the parts from the bag and placing them in front of you. Remove any old pieces of elastic or nails from the monkey’s arms or legs.

Step1 500X375px

1. Wrap the string around the elastic band.



Step2 500X375px

2.Using the string, guide the elastic band through the leg/arm and position it as shown in the picture.

3. Place the nail in the hole at the top – without damaging the elastic band. A nail punch can be used to press the nail down. If the nail won’t go down, adjust the elastic band.



Step3 500X375px

4. Next, pull the string through the torso and thread the other leg/arm onto the string.



Step4 500X375px

5. You can also use a door handle to do this, as shown in the picture, positioning the nail in the same way as for step 3. above.



Step5 500X375px

6. Cut the string and pull it out – and your monkey is ready for new adventures!

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