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medium Bear

A bigger bunch of bears

Autumn 2018

Kay Bojesen's circus of animals draws from a sprawling family tree that spans all of zoology, including everything from animals of the savannah to household pets and wild birds. Bojesen's universe is one big happy family, and several of the animals have also formed their own design families varying in size and colour. Following in the footsteps of the family of monkeys and the colourful colony of birds, Kay Bojesen Denmark now presents the famous friendly, chubby Bear, made of oak and maple, in a grown-up “big bear” size of 25 cm.

Bojesen’s inspiration for the exotic bear came from close to home, where the Copenhagen Zoo made headlines with the story of Ursula, a bear cub who was rejected by her mother and raised as a foster child in the home of the zookeeper and his wife. This heart-warming tale caught Bojesen’s imagination in 1952 and prompted him to create the friendly, rounded Bear, who, despite the hardness of the wood, is always ready for a hug.

The new product will be available from mid-September.

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Mini Santa’s cap

A cap for the little ones

Autumn 2018

Kay Bojesen's wooden animals come from across animal kingdom, from the sturdy elephant to the miniature monkey, but they have one thing in common: Regardless of their size, they share a great personality that exudes world-class Danish design, at the same time expressing Bojesen's famous sense of humor. This is especially true at Christmas, when the Monkey and other animals cheekily borrow Santa's hat and spread Christmas cheer throughout the home. The smallest members of the animal family,
however, shouldn’t miss out, so Kay Bojesen Denmark now presents a size XS Santa’s hat, perfectly suited for both the mini Monkey and the diminutive Lovebirds.

This autumn, the adorable Santa cap accessory has been through the tumble dryer, shrinking to fit the smallest member of the monkey family. The hand-painted,
red and white hat is held in place with a practical elastic strap under the miniature Monkey’s chin – perfect for swinging through the design jungle!

The new product will be available from mid-September.

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Mini monkey

Big personality in mini format

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Kay Bojesen is the originator of a whole raft of iconic wooden figures, but the Monkey has been his particular signature design. This lifelike jungle creature first appeared in 1951, and since then the troupe of monkeys has proliferated. Today, therefore, the iconic wooden figure is available in several different sizes, and the time has come once again to add to the pedigree as Kay Bojesen Denmark introduces the ultimate new addition to the family: a baby-brother-sized Monkey, recreating Kay Bojesen’s familiar design in a charming miniature format.

Even though the monkey has “shrunk” significantly in relation to its original format, its big personality and charm remain intact. Just like its big brothers, the Monkey’s glossy black eyes gleam, while his long arms swing cheekily anywhere from the children’s room to the bookcase and the office, accompanying his owners
through thick and thin. The new “minimalist” size is also easy to place anywhere in your home interior – preferably as part of a still life with other miniature Danish design classics, where small is beautiful.

The Kay Bojesen Denmark Monkey (H: 7 cm) in teak and limba wood is priced at EUR 70.00 (RRP) and can be found in the shops from the beginning of March.

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Kay, Kay Bojesen, Dansk, træfigurer, dansk design, Kongelig hofleverandør, abe
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