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Kay comes to the kitchen


Kay Bojesen is renowned for his circus of wooden animals, from monkeys to song birds and elephants – a bit of a menagerie, one could say. And Bojesen's heart-warming designs aren’t limited just to toys and decorative objects. In the 1940s, the well-known functional designer created a number of beautiful objects for the dinner table, which are now seeing the light of the day under the name Menageri. The gently curved wooden shapes – which typify the Bojesen style –– pay homage to the chaos of the regular rituals and spontaneous moments that unfold in households every day, where we season, oil, serve and eat from luxurious sustainable certified oak.   

Like Kay Bojesen's other designs, the Menageri assortment will be a faithful companion through all stages of life – and its elegant design seamlessly makes the journey from kitchen to dining table and from breakfast to special occasions.

The new items will be available from the beginning of March.

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Songbird Georg

A new silver bird in the flock


Since the first songbird flew onto the design landscape in 2012, Kay Bojesen's feathered wooden figures have grown into a varied flock. The colourful songbirds are often named after Kay Bojesen's own family, and now a relative with a particularly noble pedigree has just landed. The new springtime arrival of Georg, with a silver-plated beak and feet, pays tribute to Kay Bojesen's background as a trained silversmith with legendary Georg Jensen – its emerald green splendour perfectly hitting the maximalist trend, where jewel tones, velvet, flowers and plants turn the home into a personal oasis.

Like his companions, Georg is made of painted beech wood with soft, green lines that make a tactile surface on point with today’s colour trends. The sparkling silver details on the beak and feet make this spring's new songbird an ideal gift for graduations, weddings and other special occasions that are traditionally marked with a piece of jewellery to last a lifetime.  

Georg will be available from the beginning of February.

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Driving pleasure from Kay Bojesen


Although Kay Bojesen worked in traditional materials such as silver and wood, he was very much a man of the future. As a functionalist, Bojesen was fascinated by the streamlined lines and modern mechanics of his time. And when the car boom gained momentum in the 1930s, he was inspired to dream up a range of dynamic creations. Designed in collaboration with Danish furniture designer Ole Wanscher, the Limousine is among his most simple and elegant designs. Now Kay Bojesen Denmark rolls out a luxury cabriolet model in two variants that cater to both driving pleasure and cool design.

The limousine is often described as the king of cars – and this elegant automobile with its long hood fits perfectly with Kay Bojesen's signature wooden creations with vibrant, joyful lines.

The limousine will be available from the beginning of February.

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