Wood with Smiling Lines


Kay Bojesen’s warm-hearted jumble was not limited to play and design objects. In the 1940s he designed a series of beautiful utility items for the dining table – Menagerie. The series features the Bojesen signature – wood with smiling lines – out of respect for the chaos of regular rituals and spontaneous moments in our domestic life, in which we spice, oil, serve and eat with luxury wood.


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Lovely Gift Idea 

As with Kay Bojesen’s wooden figurines, Menagerie was designed with organic shapes and an artisan finish, which makes it round and pleasant to touch. Menagerie is perfect to have close at hand for everyday use. Like Kay Bojesen’s other designs, the Menagerie series is intended to be a faithful companion throughout life, and the functional design can be easily be used anywhere and for any occasion – from the kitchen table to the dining table, and for breakfast or a dinner party.

The Menagerie series is made of oak with a food-approved surface treatment and is a tasteful gift idea for both design lovers and foodies.
Please note that the platter is not cut- and scratch-resistant, so cannot be used as a chopping board.

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The DNA of the Menagerie design 

As a designer Kay Bojesen is hard to pigeonhole. He started out as a silversmith, but wood became his hallmark. In the Menagerie series he digressed briefly from his iconic wooden figurines and visited the kitchen category. Kay Bojesen had a ravenous interest in functionality and aesthetics. Both are embedded in the DNA of the Menagerie design. Its organic silhouettes and tactile surfaces put wood on the menu in the modern home.

During the 1940s, Kay Bojesen created a number of wooden products for domestic use. Kay Bojesen is known for his ability to get the lines of wood to smile and for his soft silhouettes that cry out to be held and cherished. Sensuousness is at the heart of Menagerie’s functionality. Grip the long polished handles and toss your salad with the spoon and fork, each of which is made of a single piece of wood as a ‘one piece wonder’, on the basis of Bojesen’s original design. Carry the serving bowl to the table. It features wood’s familiar warmth and a new, raw elegance that goes with both stoneware and porcelain.

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Since 1930

Danish design

Kay Bojesen is regarded as one of Denmark's biggest designer names and his designs are among the most popular in Danish design.


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