Kay Bojesen


Kay Bojesen had many talents and a wonderful imagination. He worked diligently to create design lines that, in his own words, smiled. This special talent has created a magical universe of wooden animals and figurines that have become treasured classics the world over.

the newest family members

figurer Bear

oak/maple, 25 cm
EUR 270,00

figurer Santa's cap

red/white, Ø 2,5 cm
EUR 17,00

figurer Standard-bearer

red/blue/white, 77 cm
EUR 670,00

Medium Bear

A bigger bunch of bears

Kay Bojesen's circus of animals draws from a sprawling family tree that spans all of zoology, including everything from animals of the savannah to household pets and wild birds. Bojesen's universe is one big happy family, and several of the animals have also formed their own design families varying in size and colour. Following in the footsteps of the family of monkeys and the colourful colony of birds, Kay Bojesen Denmark now presents the famous friendly, chubby Bear, made of oak and maple, in a grown-up “big bear” size of 25 cm.

Bojesen’s inspiration for the exotic bear came from close to home, where the Copenhagen Zoo made headlines with the story of Ursula, a bear cub who was rejected by her mother and raised as a foster child in the home of the zookeeper and his wife. This heart-warming tale caught Bojesen’s imagination in 1952 and prompted him to create the friendly, rounded Bear, who, despite the hardness of the wood, is always ready for a hug.

Kay Bojesen Denmark Bear (H: 25 cm) is priced at EUR 270.00 (RRP). The new product will be available from mid-September.

Mini Santa’s cap

A cap for the little ones

Kay Bojesens trædyr findes i alle afarter fra den tonstunge elefant til aben i miniature, men de har én ting til fælles. Uanset størrelse er de fælles om en stor personlighed, der udstråler dansk design i verdensklasse, og samtidig har de arvet Bojesens berømte sans for humor. Det gælder ikke mindst til jul, hvor aben og de andre dyr ikke er blege for at låne julemandens nissehue og sprede julestemning overalt i boligen. Dyrefamiliens mindste medlemmer skal dog ikke forfordeles, og derfor supplerer Kay Bojesen Denmark nu hattehylden med en nissehue i str. XS, der passer på en prik til både miniaben og de pyntesyge turtelduer.

This autumn, the adorable Santa cap accessory has been through the tumble dryer, shrinking to fit the smallest member of the monkey family. The hand-painted, red and white hat is held in place with a practical elastic strap under the miniature Monkey’s chin – perfect for swinging through the design jungle!

Kay Bojesen Santa’s cap (Ø: 2.5 cm) in painted beech is priced at EUR 17.00 (RRP). The new product will be available from mid-September.

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Mini monkey

Big personality in mini format

Kay Bojesen is the originator of a whole raft of iconic wooden figures, but the Monkey has been his particular signature design. This lifelike jungle creature first appeared in 1951, and since then the troupe of monkeys has proliferated. Today, therefore, the iconic wooden figure is available in several different sizes, and the time has come once again to add to the pedigree as Kay Bojesen Denmark introduces the ultimate new addition to the family: a baby-brother-sized Monkey, recreating Kay Bojesen’s familiar design in a charming miniature format.

Even though the monkey has “shrunk” significantly in relation to its original format, its big personality and charm remain intact. Just like its big brothers, the Monkey’s glossy black eyes gleam, while his long arms swing cheekily anywhere from the children’s room to the bookcase and the office, accompanying his owners through thick and thin. The new “minimalist” size is also easy to place anywhere in your home interior – preferably as part of a still life with other miniature Danish design classics, where small is beautiful.

The Kay Bojesen Denmark Monkey (H: 7 cm) in teak and limba wood is priced at EUR 70.00 (RRP) and can be found in the shops from the beginning of March.

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Bojesen the petrol-head

Throughout his career, Kay Bojesen kept up fast-paced production. Upon his death, he left more than 2,000 works in everything from silver to wood. In cooperation with the world-famous designer’s descendants, Kay Bojesen Denmark has maintained the same fast pace, continually relaunching Kay Bojesen’s most popular designs. This autumn, a new product category takes the limelight that will interest all petrol-heads, as Kay Bojesen Denmark brings not one but two cars out of the garage! The new cars have been created according to Bojesen’s original sketches and are available in two sizes in untreated oak and painted beech wood with a perspex windscreen.

Kay Bojesen created the sophisticated yet accessible car design especially for slightly older children who had grown out of clumsy designs on wide wheels and instead craved engine power worthy of a true superhero. Today, however, Kay Bojesen’s designs have long since moved out of the realm of toys and into the world of designer gadgets, where both the large natural wood car and the smaller painted Sedan stand to become cult collectors’ items for anyone who wants to liven up their home with a few select accessories.

The Kay Bojesen Sedan Car (L: 27 cm) made of untreated oak with a perspex windscreen costs EUR 99.00 (RRP). The Kay Bojesen Sedan Car (L: 13 cm) made of painted beech wood with a perspex windscreen costs EUR 55.00 (RRP). The new items will be available in shops from the beginning of September.

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More Monkey Business

Kay Bojesen’s Monkey was originally intended as a quirky coat hook for kids. Instead, the charismatic wooden figure ended up in the gadget category, and today the monkey is a design icon with fans all over the world. In recent years, Kay Bojesen Denmark has added a number of pals to the troupe of monkeys, and now once again there is good news from the family tree. This autumn, the brand is launching two more monkeys made from new combinations of materials – oak/maple, oak/smoked oak – benefiting from the recognition factor of their famous brothers, but at the same time making their own mark on Nordic interior design.

Even though this autumn’s two new products are twins in their design DNA, they are far from identical. The light Monkey swings directly into the Scandinavian Living style, mixing with new and old classics alike, while the dark Monkey makes itself at home with its exotic, deep colours harking back to the Monkey’s origins deep in the jungles of design. The Monkey brothers share two important features: excellent craftsmanship and exclusive, natural materials that give the design superb sustainability, as the timber takes on a trendy patina with age as only a true classic can.

The Monkey (H: 20 cm) is available in oak/maple and oak/smoked oak versions, each priced at EUR 125.00 (RRP). These new products will be in shops from early September.

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Mrs. Santa Clara

A partner for Santa Claus

Many design connoisseurs are all but in love with Kay Bojesen’s wooden figures. This is especially true of the jovial Santa Claus designed by Kay Bojesen in the 1940s, and subsequently revitalised much to the joy of everyone who loves Christmas. But even the busiest Santa can get lonely at Christmas and wish he had someone to enjoy the traditional Danish rice pudding with. That’s why Kay Bojesen Denmark is now launching a partner for Santa Claus, complete with her own wooden spoon, to really make the Christmas season a festival of the heart. Mrs Claus is a new design created true to Kay Bojesen’s design DNA in the image of Santa Claus and guaranteed to spread loads of Christmas love.

As a feminine model of Santa, Mrs Claus has the same smiling, lifelike wooden lines so typical of Kay Bojesen’s woodwork, fitting neatly into the crossover between fantasy figures and design objects. Mrs Claus is full of sweetness, too, and is sure to bring instant Christmas cheer as she arrives on desks, windowsills and nooks and crannies of wintry homes – as a supplement to her better half, Santa Claus, or on her own, as she starts her own traditions full of Christmas karma and girl power.

Kay Bojesen’s Mrs Claus (H: 20 cm) in painted beechwood costs EUR 80.00 (RRP) and can be found in shops from early September.

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Photogenic cousin

In the spring, when Kay Bojesen Denmark added a new category to the Kay Bojesen universe – the gallery products – the brand literally hit the nail on the head. Bojesen fans both new and old love the idea of displaying the iconic wooden animals as wall-hangings, and after the graphical zebra, we now have the chieftain of the menagerie, the Monkey, making its debut on canvas in four different motifs. The images are printed on canvas with a wooden frame on a leather cord, familiar from old classroom maps; in fact, the idea behind the collection is precisely to merge the joy of retro with modernity in a style that will grace any part of your home.

Just say the name Kay Bojesen, and many people will immediately answer “Monkey”. Even though Kay Bojesen designed a wide variety of things throughout his long career, including lots of other wooden animals, the Monkey is still at the forefront of his world-famous design universe – and its special celebrity status now gives the cheerful monkey an opportunity to become a photo model for a day. The result is the launch of three different photos and a photographed line drawing, as a second wave in Kay Bojesen Denmark’s new collection of gallery products. Its naïvist, human-like motifs are sure to touch the heart of all monkey fans.

Kay Bojesen Denmark pictures in canvas with wooden frames and leather cord hangers are available in four different designs: Monkey Sketch (40 cm x 56 cm) photo with natural wooden profiles and natural leather cord costs EUR 65.00 (RRP), Monkey Portrait (40 cm x 56 cm) photo with natural wooden profiles and natural leather cord, price EUR 65.00 (RRP), Classroom (40 cm x 56 cm) photo with black painted wood profiles and black leather cord, price DKK EUR 65.00 (RRP) and Goodnight reading (40 cm x 40 cm) photo with black painted wood profiles and black leather cord, price EUR 60.00 (RRP). These new items will be in shops from early September.

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The sensational Seagull

Kay Bojesen is one of the most renowned profiles in Danish design history. This is not only thanks to his many iconic creations, which have taken the world by storm, but also to his fierce engagement in the world around him, which was often reflected as an extra layer in Bojesen’s designs. As a member of the trend-setting circles of craftsmen and architects of his day, Kay Bojesen had strong opinions about modern culture, from educational principles to industrialisation, and good businessman that he was, he led the way in the struggle for the new age, which brought such great demand for artisan crafts that it was impossible for small workshops to keep up. Instead, they – like Bojesen himself – were forced to bring in help form outside to keep up with production, but in the end the quality of the work would, as he put it, ultimately dictate whether the result could be considered fine craftsmanship. This remains the guiding principle of Kay Bojesen Denmark, which has worked in close collaboration with Kay Bojesen’s family to put a great many of Bojesen’s most popular creations into production. And now a faithful reproduction of the Seagull is taking flight.

The Kay Bojesen Seagull in painted beech wood comes in three sizes (L: 18 cm, 28 cm, and 38 cm) and is priced respectively at EUR 65.00, EUR 95.00, and EUR 135.00 (RRP). The new release will be available in stores from early March 2017.

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Art prints

Kay Bojesen’s new art prints

As a designer, Kay Bojesen created an entire gallery of strong personalities – from the playful monkey to the frisky rabbit. Even though the animals are made from wood and don’t actually bear much resemblance to their natural cousins, they each embody loving attributes that bring them to life and make them powerful design statements. And now fans of Kay Bojesen’s menagerie are being given a whole new place to play: the wall. With the introduction of Kay Bojesen Gallery Prints, Bojesen’s motifs will gradually be brought to life on canvas in styles and sizes that cater to children and adults, nostalgists, and modernists. The retro-cool designs printed on canvas and featuring oak wood frames and leather cord for hanging, inspired by the old classroom geography maps, are bound to send all design lovers back to school for a lesson in Kay Bojesen’s new art prints.

The Kay Bojesen Gallery Prints on canvas with wooden frames and leather cord feature zebra motifs and come in three sizes: • A b/w contemporary photograph by hagedornhagen (40 cm X 56 cm) with a black stained wooden frame and black leather cord, priced at EUR 65.00 (RRP). • A sketch based on the original paper decoration (40 cm X 40 cm) with a natural wooden frame and natural leather cord, priced at EUR 60.00 (RRP). • A photograph of the original charcoal sketch (40 cm X 30 cm) with a natural wooden frame and natural leather cord, priced at EUR 55.00 (RRP).

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Little birds for budding flowers and springtime lovers

In recent years, the bird has been a recurring motif in interior decor, from graphic feather prints to exotic wallpaper and peering owls. But even back in his day, Kay Bojesen had an eye for our feathered friends. From his terrace at Bellavista, he had a view of the Sound, where the gulls and sparrows scampered about, and he took inspiration from his own “nest” when he created several of his whimsical figurines in wood. This is especially true of the charming, bright yellow sparrow from Kay Bojesen Denmark which is taking wing this spring in its original size and colour and mounted on a stick, just like those used in the Bojesen Family home. Back then, the canary-yellow peep would be placed among flowers and plants, creating a cheerful chirpy atmosphere among the foliage – with the unmistakeable twinkle in the eye that characterises all of Bojesen’s designs.

The Pair of Sparrows with magnets (H: 6 cm) in natural and smoked oak wood is priced at EUR 55.00 (RRP). The Sparrow on a Stick (H: 19.7 cm) in painted beech wood is priced at EUR 55.00 (RRP) for a box of two. The new products will be available in stores from early March 2017.

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Archetypal Bojesen blanket

Kay Bojesen is known as a pioneer of Danish functionalism and as the founder of a very large family of wooden figurines. His inspiration came from far and wide, and each Kay Bojesen animal is unique – from the colourful Songbirds to the exotic Monkey and the good-natured Dog. However, every member of Kay Bojesen’s animal circus possesses the same charm and is often created based on the same circular shape that now so elegantly adorns this autumn’s softest new release from Kay Bojesen Denmark: a reversible throw blanket in lamb’s wool. 

The stylised sketches stand out elegantly against a background of Jacquard-woven lamb’s wool, which makes the throw reversible and creates two completely different design impressions with its dark and light grey sides. The super-trendy grey tones are rooted in the Pantone scale and borrowed from someone else in the family – the distinguished patriarch of the Song Birds, Ernst, whose plumage comprises a dark grey body and a light grey head.

The Kay Bojesen Throw Blanket (130 cm X 170 cm) in 100% Jacquard-woven lamb’s wool comes in the colour grey. The blanket is priced at EUR 229.00 (RRP) and will be available in stores from early September 2016.

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The Skiers ”Datti” and ”Boje”

Bojesen’s skiing duo

Kay Bojesen often found inspiration for his iconic wooden figurines in the animal kingdom, but his extensive back catalogue also contains examples of four-wheeled and two-legged figurines. Among them are The Skiers, which Kay Bojesen modelled after his son and daughter-in-law in the late 1940s. This season, they will be making a colourful comeback on the piste when Kay Bojesen Denmark begins producing “Datti” and “Boje” in celebration of the sporty side of the famous Danish functionalist.

“Datti” and “Boje” do not look like people, and yet they are immensely human with their intense eyes, energetic body language and smart skis, standing at the ready anywhere in the home – on the windowsill, desk or bookshelf. The colourful, hand-painted beechwood makes the figurines an eye-catching interior design statement, and their adorable hats and “Datti’s” becoming ski outfit bring them alive with Nordic folklore. 

The Kay Bojesen Skiers “Datti” and “Boje” (H: 15.5 cm) are made from painted beechwood and priced at EUR 79.00 (RRP), each. 

The figurines will be available in stores from early September 2016.

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Kay Bojesen breaks into a gallop

Kay Bojesen was not just a lover of animals, he was also a prodigious designer with a galloping imagination, and perhaps that is why the horse came so naturally to him. Today, Kay Bojesen Denmark has an entire herd of proud steeds in its stables: from the exotic Zebra to the fun-loving Rocking Horse and the wild Gelding carved in walnut. Now another horse is being added to the fold. Autumn 2016 offers a lovely carrot to design lovers – a light and swift-footed horse in untreated wood, a cousin to Bojesen’s other beechwood figurines. 

Kay Bojesen is known for his ability to make wood smile – and for his impressive imagination that never stopped, not even on weekends and holidays. In an interview from 1944, Kay Bojesen called “keeping my initiative at bay” a huge personal challenge, but today we are thankful for his runaway imagination, which created, among other things, The Horse in the 1930s. A dynamic animal design that, even with its stiff legs, is full of life and vitality, with shining eyes giving the impression that it could break into a gallop across the desk at any moment. A thin leather strap bridles the imagination, however, limiting The Horse’s rides to any surface with a preference for Nordic design and the elegance of pale natural wood, from desktops to gift tables.

Kay Bojesen’s Horse (H: 14 cm) in untreated beechwood is priced at EUR 95.00 (RRP) and will be available in stores from early September 2016.

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The happy hippo

Even though the wooden figurines in Kay Bojesen’s animal family are full of vigour and charm, they have never tried to appear true to life. On the contrary, Kay Bojesen set out to create imaginative versions of the animals, and this autumn Kay Bojesen Denmark has taken the creative license to introduce a zoological sensation: a larger version of the classic Hippo coated with a layer of blackboard paint that sets the stage for play, learning and short messages. The Hippo’s practical new function makes it a natural gathering point for the entire family, where this irresistible message board serves as a reminder to buy milk, lets you write a phone message and encourages the youngest members of the family to practice spelling, entirely in the spirit of Kay Bojesen’s modern didactic principles.  

In the style of Kay Bojesen’s Hippo in untreated beechwood, which is already part of the collection, the new Hippo also makes a classic desk accessory, as well as a collector’s item that appeals to the heart and the mind as only Kay Bojesen can.

The Kay Bojesen Hippo (H: 10.4 cm) in blackboard-painted beechwood with accompanying chalk is priced at EUR 95.00 (RRP) and will be available in stores from mid-September 2016.

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Chirpingly charming

The Kay Bojesen Sparrows

In recent years, Kay Bojesen’s famous animal circus has regularly welcomed new members to the menagerie. Although perhaps aviary is more precise, as the past years have seen the arrival of several feathered friends, from the love-struck Turtle Doves to the charming Puffin. The newest addition is The Sparrows, designed by Kay Bojesen in 1935 and now taking renewed flight. In spring 2016, Kay Bojesen Denmark is introducing a chirpingly charming new product, complete with landing board, for the seven colourful little birds named after the days of the week.

The Sparrows are known for flying and living in flocks. Kay Bojesen Denmark has therefore grouped them together in this year’s new release, as a set of seven sparrows accompanied by a magnetic board. The birds are all named after a day of the week and come with magnets so they don’t fly away, but stay safely in their spot on the bookshelf or a decorative tray on the coffee table. Naturally, the Sparrow design can be arranged freely according to colour preferences, while for the smallest Kay Bojesen fans, they make an untraditional and playful way to learn the days of the week when the birds are placed in order, bringing colour to even the greyest of Mondays.

The Kay Bojesen Sparrows (H: 6 cm) are priced at EUR 179.00 (RRP) for a set of seven including board.

The Sparrows are made from painted beech wood, fitted with magnets and come with a matching magnetic board.

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Kay Bojesen for the little ones

The Kay Bojesen children’s tableware

Kay Bojesen is known for his characteristic design mantra: “There’s got to be a bit of circus in it”. He also firmly believed that in good design the lines should smile. However, this whimsical approach to fine craftsmanship never overshadowed Kay Bojesen’s focus on aesthetics and functionalism. Not even when he designed for children, because Kay Bojesen had a keen interest in didactics and modern educational principles. This spring, as a tribute to learning through play, Kay Bojesen Denmark is launching Kay Bojesen’s irresistible children’s tableware in melamine, which puts the alphabet and telling time on the menu, transforming mealtime into a creative time in family life.

The learning method is still the same as on the original set. The edge of the plate features numbers like the dial of a clock and the edge of the bowl is decorated with the letters of the alphabet. While eating from the dishes, the child can use their cutlery to learn to tell time and to spell. And when the child begins reading, the decorative melamine cup features letters placed close together, making it possible to spell out simple words like “mum” and “dad”. In line with Kay Bojesen’s design DNA, the alphabet and number illustrations on the tableware are kept in a simple, architectural look, which is graphically beautiful and easy for the child to decode, play with and learn from.

The Kay Bojesen children’s tableware is a perfect gift idea for all curious children and their design-loving parents and is sold in a beautiful gift box.

The Kay Bojesen melamine set comprises a plate (Ø 22 cm), bowl (Ø 18.4 cm) and cup (22 cl) and is priced at EUR 299.95 (RRP).

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Kay Bojesen rides again

They say you can’t teach an old circus horse new tricks. Luckily, that’s not true for Kay Bojesen’s delightful animal circus, where a proud beast from the 1930s will be galloping into the manège this autumn to take both new and old design-riders by storm. The Horse joins Kay Bojesen Denmark’s family of tufted and hoofed animals, from The Zebra to The Rocking Horse, and is made from oiled walnut just like its dark-wooded cousin The Dog. 

Kay Bojesen was known for his ability to bring wood to life, and with its straight legs and striking mane, The Horse is the embodiment of Kay Bojesen’s magical touch. There are no moveable parts in the design, and yet it is still so lifelike. With its watchful eyes, bowed neck and majestic tale, the horse is ready to gallop off at any moment, and only a thin leather strap keeps the imagination and speed in check. The Horse – like The Dog – is made from solid, oiled walnut in an exclusive design that makes a perfect gadget for the desk, shelf or study. The figurine also makes a wonderful gift for design-loving cowgirls and boys of all ages.

Kay Bojesen’s Horse (h: 14 cm) in solid, oiled walnut is priced at EUR 109.00 (RRP) and will be available in stores from early September 2015.

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Bojesen gives us a new best friend

There is no denying that designer Kay Bojesen was a real animal lover. During his lifetime, he created an entire circus of wooden animals, each more charming than the next – from the exotic Elephant to the delightful Dog. This autumn, Kay Bojesen Denmark has once again visited the design archives and found another dog to add to the collection: Tim. This charming and amiable miniature terrier created by Kay Bojesen in 1935 is big news despite its small size.

Kay Bojesen named the little terrier Tim and produced it in both light and dark wood types but never with a lead or collar, for naturally Tim walks his how charming path. And this autumn Kay Bojesen Denmark is setting two versions of Tim the Dog into the world – in natural oak and smoked oak – offering double the opportunity to start a Kay Bojesen kennel filled with four-legged friends. Like Bojesen’s other wooden figurines, Tim makes a wonderful present for birthdays, christenings, confirmations, anniversaries and all manner of special occasions where it’s good to have a loyal friend.

Tim the Dog (H: 7.5 cm) is made from solid wood and comes in a light and a dark version in natural oak and smoked oak, respectively. The dogs are priced at EUR 39.00 (RRP) and will be available in stores from mid-August 2015.

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Blanket & rattle


Throughout his life, Kay Bojesen had a soft spot for wood and a unique talent for bringing to life his designs using everything from teak to oak. Over the years, he produced a whole army of iconic wooden figurines and now Kay Bojesen Denmark is celebrating the designer’s softer side with a new category for the little ones: throw blankets. These children’s throws feature illustrations by Bo Bendixen and come in red and blue, making them perfect as christening and birthday gifts. Especially when supplemented by the other new product this autumn: a wooden rattle in untreated beechwood designed by Bojesen in 1932.

The Kay Bojesen children’s throw measures 80 cm x 120 cm, comes in red and blue and is priced at EUR 139.00 (RRP).
The Kay Bojesen rattle (Ø: 8 cm) is made from untreated beechwood and is priced at EUR 39.00 (RRP). 

Both new products will be available in stores from mid-August 2015.

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Spring news from the savannah

Kay Bojesen’s wooden animals are known and loved all over the world. He found inspiration for his designs on the various continents and now Kay Bojesen Denmark is adding yet another animal to its “designer zoo”, The Zebra. Kay Bojesen created the charming zebra as the first of the exotic animals in 1935. It has since been joined by The Monkey, The Elephant and The Hippo, and now another four-legged playmate is moving from the savannah into the modern home.

Kay Bojesen is known for his delightful humour and unique talent for wooden creations that bring out smiles. And nobody can keep a straight face when they gaze upon the pleasantly plump zebra. With its straight legs and bristly mane, the zebra lives up to Kay Bojesen’s ideal of creating wooden figurines that don’t seek to imitate nature. Instead, it is full of charm and personality in every stripe and to the very tips of its mohawk.

The Kay Bojesen Zebra (H: 14 cm) is made from solid birch and priced at EUR 85,00 (RRP).

The Zebra will be available in stores from mid-February 2015.

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Alfred The Songbird – au naturel

Ever since Kay Bojesen’s Songbirds took their first flight, these colourful wooden birds have taken the design world by storm. New birds have joined the flock each season – most recently the grey head of the family, Ernst. And now we see the arrival of yet another winged relative. Alfred, named after Kay Bojesen’s great grandson, is the first of The Songbirds to appear au naturel.

The Songbird is made from oak with a bill in smoked oak, creating a beautiful contrast that has clear references to the current Scandi-cool interior design trend that combines natural materials such as wood, concrete and marble in an effective tribute to the concept of “less is more”.

Like the other Songbirds, Kay, Ernst, Peter, Ruth, Otto, Pop and Sunshine, Alfred is a perfect design gift for a wedding, christening, birthday, anniversary or any other day of celebration. The new design is also an easy way to integrate the wood trend into a modern home – naturally!

Alfred The Songbird (H: 16 cm), made from natural oak with a bill in smoked oak, is priced at EUR 89,00 (RRP). 

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Kay Bojesen’s blockbusters

Kay Bojesen Denmark is launching The Alphabet blocks for the first time. The blocks saw the light of day in the late 1950s, and today the intelligent design still captures the charm of little ones learning while they play.

The design was never put into production outside the classroom but Kay Bojesen Denmark is now putting that right. In autumn 2014, the design company is relaunching these beautiful blocks in solid beechwood and is inviting children everywhere to enjoy a good old-fashioned s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g g-a-m-e.

Kay Bojesen was a leading Scandinavian functionalist and his architecture and designs are known for their simple, architectonic style. This also applies to the Alphabet Blocks, which are easy and intuitive to play with – and learn from. The set of blocks comprises 33 straight and 33 contoured wooden blocks that together form a naivistic system of letters. The simple geometric shapes of the letters resemble children’s writing and comprise the building blocks for hours of educational fun.

The Kay Bojesen blocks are the perfect Christening or birthday gift, but also appeal to adult design lovers with their unmistakable references to the Bauhaus typologies.

The Kay Bojesen blocks and storage box, available in treated beechwood, are priced at DKK 499.95. (RRP) for a box of 33 straight blocks and 33 contoured blocks, 66 altogether.

The blocks will be available in shops from early September 2014.

Kay, Kay Bojesen, Dansk, træfigurer, dansk design, Kongelig hofleverandør,  mellem abe, kay bojesen, ape, nyhed, hvid baggrund, uden ramme, familie, alle størrelser, skygge,

Much more monkey business

The most popular design monkey get this fall a middle brother.

The monkey troop will gain a new member as after years in the making, Kay Bojesen Denmark will be releasing another monkey worldwide. The 28 cm tall monkey will be the middle monkey and naturally, the family resemblance is striking. Like his brothers, the new monkey is made from teak and limba of the very finest quality, hand-processed at a Danish turning shop.

The Kay Bojesen monkey (H: 28 cm), available in solid wood teak/limba, is priced at DKK 2,995.95 (RRP).

The monkey will be available in shops from early September 2014, but will be available as a limited edition of 500 monkeys in connection with the current Kay Bojesen exhibition at Sophienholm in Lyngby, Denmark, which will be open from 28 June until 21 September. The first 500 monkeys have a hang tag displaying consecutive numbers around their necks to document that they are both made in Denmark and genuine collectors’ items. The limited edition monkeys will be available only in Sophienholm’s museum shop and at Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen while stocks last.

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Turtle doves for design lovers

The turtle dove is known in both ornithology and mythology for mating for life, and with the launch of Kay Bojesen Denmark’s new Turtle Doves this spring, all design lovers will have a new friend for life. The Turtle Dove, which is a smaller version of its colourful cousin, The Songbird, is made from two-tone natural wood and sold in pairs as the ideal gift for any heartfelt celebration, from weddings to housewarmings.

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A wooden Santa

With his paternal attitude, unyielding optimism and mantra that good design should be personal, warm and lively, Kay Bojesen could never be described as stiff as wood, quite the contrary! And yet, throughout his life, wood was his preferred medium, and the breadth of Kay Bojesen’s work is vast: from puffins and songbirds to rabbits and cool monkeys. This autumn, Kay Bojesen Denmark adds another member to the design family with the relaunching of his original wooden Santa from the 1940s, complete with bag and walking stick.

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New leader of the Songbird flock

Kay Bojesen’s woodwork is full of personality – from the swinging Monkey to the cheeky Hippo. In 2012, Kay Bojesen Denmark set the colourful Songbirds aflight, featuring names from the designer’s own family. Now another bird has landed in the family tree – the elegant, silver-topped leader of the flock, Ernst.

The distinguished gentleman “Ernst”, with his discrete grey plumage and striking black bill, is a perfect match for today’s graphic interior design trends. Ernst is named after Kay Bojesen’s father.

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A fabulous feathered friend

Last year, the colourful Songbirds flew into the family, and this year, we see the arrival of another feathered friend when Rosendahl gives us The Puffin. The bird known in Danish as the “sea parrot” because of its colourful bill may be Kay Bojesen’s most popular “forgotten” design, which he brought to life in 1954 in collaboration with scenographer Svend Johansen. Spring 2013 is the launch season of The Puffin, which Kay Bojesen created around the same time as The Monkey, The Bear and The Elephant, but which differs greatly in appearance from the other animals.

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A little bird told me ...

In Spring 2012, a new creation from Kay Bojesen Denmark takes flight to the delight of fans of all ages: The Songbird. It is a hitherto unknown design created by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s, but never put into production, until now. We bid Ruth, Pop, Otto, Kay, Peter and Sunshine a warm welcome to Bojesen’s wonderful animal family and predict that the six colourful personalities will quickly find friends among design lovers the world over.

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The Hippo

The Hippo was born in 1955. Its main function everyday was to keep track of Kay Bojesen’s sketching pencil. For decades, the animal universe of Kay Bojesen has united children and adults in endless hours of storytelling and day dreaming. The Hippo is made of white oak. It is an exact replica created from Kay Bojesen’s original drawings.

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The Rabbit

The Rabbit was born in 1957 as the youngest member of Kay Bojesen’s animal family. For decades, the animal universe of Kay Bojesen has united children and adults in endless hours of storytelling and day dreaming. The Rabbit is made of white oak. It is an exact replica created from Kay Bojesen’s original drawings.

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The Dog

The Dog was born in 1934. Kay Bojesen’s intention was never to create an exact replica of any animal. His ambition was to create playful variations that should be pleasant to hold. The Dog is made of walnut wood and is treated with wood oil. It is an exact replica created from Kay Bojesen’s original drawings.

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