A tribute to boundless imagination. Kay Bojesen’s unique talent for creating aesthetic, smiling lines has made his magical universe of wooden figures beloved classics all over the world. See all this spring’s new products below.

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Kay Bojesen Babies

Many people have a soft spot for Kay Bojesen’s designs, associating them with endearing memories from their earliest childhood. This is especially so in the Nordic region, where the iconic wooden figures are given as christening, confirmation and birthday gifts, and, naturally, become part of the family. With the Babies collection, Kay Bojesen Denmark now has some imaginative, quirky designs for tiny tots, tailored to the baby universe. Based on true Kay Bojesen heritage DNA, this spring’s pram chain and bedding are created as heirlooms – for younger siblings or in the children’s room, where the chain could later imaginatively adorn the notice board, and the duvet and pillow in the doll’s bed can be used as cute bed linen for a little monkey

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The multi-coloured chain combines wooden beads in cheerful colours borrowed from the Songbird family with small figures created by Kay Bojesen in the 1930s as accessories for his wooden cars and abacus.



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Kay Bojesen created the Harlequin Jumping Jack in the 1940s in collaboration with stage designer and theatre painter at the Royal Danish Theatre, Helge Refn.

Harlequin is, of course, a staple character in Italian commedia dell’arte. Here, the brightly coloured and rhombus-clad figure is full of circus tricks and acrobatics, but Harlequin is just as often associated with classic pantomime and his love for Columbine – and the Kay Bojesen universe contains elements of both. He was himself famous for his ability to bring a touch of circus into play, and Bojesen nurtured an unfailing love of wood, giving it smiling lines with his designs.

The Harlequin figure is designed with a screw mechanism so the jumping jack can be set in fun poses, but can also be dynamic and changeable when hanging in the children’s room, inviting playful tugs on the string to make the articulated wood twitch.



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Babies Pram chain

Multi, 52 cm x 10,5 cm x 3,5 cm
EUR 95,00

Babies Bedding, Monkey

Green, 70 cm x 100 cm
EUR 54,95

Babies Bedding, Monkey

Blue, 70 cm x 100 cm
EUR 54,95

Babies Bedding, Monkey

Pink, 70 cm x 100 cm
EUR 54,95

Menageri Salt and pepper set

Oak/Smoked Oak, 6 cm
EUR 43,00

Blue high-school graduate cap, mini

Blue, 2,6 cm x 0,7 cm x 2,4 cm
EUR 15,00

Red high-school graduate cap, mini

Red, 2,6 cm x 0,7 cm x 2,4 cm
EUR 15,00

Panda, medium

Black and White, 16 cm x 25 cm x 9,5 cm
EUR 270,00

Songbird, Raven

Black, 20,5 cm
EUR 135,00

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Since 1930

Danish design

Kay Bojesen is regarded as one of Denmark's biggest designer names and his designs are among the most popular in Danish design.


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