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A homage to boundless imagination. Kay Bojesen had a unique talent for creating aesthetic, smiling lines and his magic universe of wooden figurines is loved by people all over the world. See all this autumn’s novelties below.

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Small Charmer

At first sight, Kay Bojesen’s design circus comes across as a charming, diverse pet shop. But what many of the wooden figurines have in common is that they were inspired by real events. The inspiration for the Monkey and the other exotic animals came from Bojesen’s trip to Africa, while the good-natured Bear took shape, when the baby bear Ursula was abandoned by her mother and grew up in the the home of a Copenhagen Zoo inspector and received a great deal of press coverage. This autumn, Kay Bojesen Denmark takes yet another topical step, when the brand launches a new, small Panda in FSC®-certified wood. Like his medium-sized brother, this black-and-white charmer draws our attention to the world’s endangered species with financial support for the Danish branch of the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature.

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Sensuous Serving & Still Life

During the 1940s, Kay Bojesen created a number of wooden products for domestic use. With the launch of the Menagerie kitchen series earlier this year, Kay Bojesen Denmark served good news to all foodies and design fans. Now the beautiful wooden universe is hungry for more. So this autumn we are supplementing Menagerie with two impressive novelties that will lure food-lovers to the table – a serving bowl and salad servers in the familiar Bojesen style and made of oak.

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Turtle Doves & Policeman

Over the years, Kay Bojesen drew a great deal of inspiration from uniformed institutions. The Guardsman, the Postman and now the Policeman are some of the characters that Kay Bojesen turned into handsome figurines.

Inspired by the beautiful black Raven Songbird, the turtle doves are now available in a lovely black design, in which one matt one and one black one create a romantic turtle dove couple. The cute, black turtle doves will make a perfect gift for any design lover or a meaningful wedding present.



Black, 9 cm
EUR 80,00

Policeman black

Black, 18,5 cm
EUR 95,00
Since 1930

Danish design

Kay Bojesen is regarded as one of Denmark's biggest designer names and his designs are among the most popular in Danish design.


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