What does FSC™-certification of wood actually mean?

FSC™ is an international, not-for-profit certification scheme for timber and paper. The FSC logo can be seen on timber and paper products, so that you know you can purchase these products with a clear conscience.

In an FSC forest, trees are felled at a rate no faster than the forest can rejuvenate itself. Furthermore, FSC provides assurance that animals and vegetation are protected and that the people who work in the forest are trained and work in safe conditions and at for fair pay.



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Products that are FSC-certified

Monkey, mini

Teak and limba, 9,5 cm
EUR 74,00

Monkey, small

Teak and limba, 20 cm
EUR 130,00

Monkey, small

oak and maple, 20 cm
EUR 130,00

Monkey, small

smoked oak and oak, 20 cm
EUR 130,00

Monkey, medium

Teak and limba, 28 cm
EUR 425,00

Monkey, large

Teak and limba, 46 cm
EUR 1.525,00

Panda Bear, small

Black and White, 15 cm
EUR 95,00

Elephant, small

Oak, 12,6 cm
EUR 145,00


Oak, 21 cm x 8,5 cm
EUR 99,00


Black and white, 14 cm
EUR 89,00


Walnut, 14 cm
EUR 99,00


Oak, 16 cm
EUR 89,00

Limousine, small

Black, 16,5 cm
EUR 65,00

Limousine, large

Oak, 32 cm
EUR 125,00

Kids Rocking Horse

Beech, 56 cm
EUR 535,00

Student’s cap, small

Black, white, blue, Ø 3,5 cm
EUR 16,50

Student’s cap, medium

Blue, Ø 5,9 cm
EUR 22,00


Painted beech, 154 cm
EUR 3.095,00


Painted beech, 22,5 cm
EUR 95,00

Guardsman with gun

Painted beech, 22,5 cm
EUR 95,00

Sentry box

Red and White, 36 cm x 10 cm
EUR 95,00

Santa's cap

red and white, Ø 2,5 cm
EUR 17,50

Santa’s cap, small monkey

Painted beech, Ø 4,7 cm
EUR 22,00


Painted beech, 20 cm
EUR 85,00

Mrs Santa Clara

Painted beech, 20 cm
EUR 80,00

Policeman black

Black, 18,5 cm
EUR 95,00

Menageri Serving platter

Oak, Ø 24,5 cm
EUR 67,00

Menageri Egg cups, set of two

Oak, 2 pcs., 5,5 cm
EUR 35,00

Menageri Pepper mill

Oak, 9,5 cm
EUR 50,00


Natural and smoked oak, 2 pcs., 8,8 cm
EUR 105,00

Pair of Sparrows

Natural and smoked oak, 2 pcs., 6 cm
EUR 58,00

The Alfred songbird

Natural and smoked oak, 15 cm
EUR 99,00

Songbird Georg

Green and Silver, 15,5 cm
EUR 99,00

Songbird Kay

Painted beech, 15 cm
EUR 79,00

Songbird Ravn

Painted beech, 15 cm
EUR 79,00

Songbird Ruth

Painted beech, 15 cm
EUR 79,00


Painted beech, 19,6 cm
EUR 105,00
Since 1930

Danish design

Kay Bojesen is regarded as one of Denmark's biggest designer names and his designs are among the most popular in Danish design.


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