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Kay Bojesen had many talents and a wonderful imagination. He worked diligently to create design lines that, in his own words, smiled. This special talent has created a magical universe of wooden animals and figurines that have become treasured classics the world over.

the newest family members

Kay Bojesen Zebra, nyhed

Spring news from the savannah

Kay Bojesen’s wooden animals are known and loved all over the world. He found inspiration for his designs on the various continents and now Kay Bojesen Denmark is adding yet another animal to its “designer zoo”, The Zebra. Kay Bojesen created the charming zebra as the first of the exotic animals in 1935. It has since been joined by The Monkey, The Elephant and The Hippo, and now another four-legged playmate is moving from the savannah into the modern home.

Kay Bojesen is known for his delightful humour and unique talent for wooden creations that bring out smiles. And nobody can keep a straight face when they gaze upon the pleasantly plump zebra. With its straight legs and bristly mane, the zebra lives up to Kay Bojesen’s ideal of creating wooden figurines that don’t seek to imitate nature. Instead, it is full of charm and personality in every stripe and to the very tips of its mohawk.

The Kay Bojesen Zebra (H: 14 cm) is made from solid birch and priced at EUR 85,00 (RRP).

The Zebra will be available in stores from mid-February 2015.

Alfred, Kay Bojesen, sangfugl, træ

Alfred The Songbird – au naturel

Ever since Kay Bojesen’s Songbirds took their first flight, these colourful wooden birds have taken the design world by storm. New birds have joined the flock each season – most recently the grey head of the family, Ernst. And now we see the arrival of yet another winged relative. Alfred, named after Kay Bojesen’s great grandson, is the first of The Songbirds to appear au naturel.

The Songbird is made from oak with a bill in smoked oak, creating a beautiful contrast that has clear references to the current Scandi-cool interior design trend that combines natural materials such as wood, concrete and marble in an effective tribute to the concept of “less is more”.

Like the other Songbirds, Kay, Ernst, Peter, Ruth, Otto, Pop and Sunshine, Alfred is a perfect design gift for a wedding, christening, birthday, anniversary or any other day of celebration. The new design is also an easy way to integrate the wood trend into a modern home – naturally!

Alfred The Songbird (H: 16 cm), made from natural oak with a bill in smoked oak, is priced at EUR 89,00 (RRP). 

nyhed, alfabetklodser, kay bojesen, legetøj, miljø, leg, klodser, tekst med skygge, hvid baggrund ingen ramme

Kay Bojesen’s blockbusters

Kay Bojesen Denmark is launching The Alphabet blocks for the first time. The blocks saw the light of day in the late 1950s, and today the intelligent design still captures the charm of little ones learning while they play.

The design was never put into production outside the classroom but Kay Bojesen Denmark is now putting that right. In autumn 2014, the design company is relaunching these beautiful blocks in solid beechwood and is inviting children everywhere to enjoy a good old-fashioned s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g g-a-m-e.

Kay Bojesen was a leading Scandinavian functionalist and his architecture and designs are known for their simple, architectonic style. This also applies to the Alphabet Blocks, which are easy and intuitive to play with – and learn from. The set of blocks comprises 33 straight and 33 contoured wooden blocks that together form a naivistic system of letters. The simple geometric shapes of the letters resemble children’s writing and comprise the building blocks for hours of educational fun.

The Kay Bojesen blocks are the perfect Christening or birthday gift, but also appeal to adult design lovers with their unmistakable references to the Bauhaus typologies.

The Kay Bojesen blocks and storage box, available in treated beechwood, are priced at DKK 499.95. (RRP) for a box of 33 straight blocks and 33 contoured blocks, 66 altogether.

The blocks will be available in shops from early September 2014.

mellem abe, kay bojesen, ape, nyhed, hvid baggrund, uden ramme, familie, alle størrelser, skygge,

Much more monkey business

The most popular design monkey get this fall a middle brother.

The monkey troop will gain a new member as after years in the making, Kay Bojesen Denmark will be releasing another monkey worldwide. The 28 cm tall monkey will be the middle monkey and naturally, the family resemblance is striking. Like his brothers, the new monkey is made from teak and limba of the very finest quality, hand-processed at a Danish turning shop.

The Kay Bojesen monkey (H: 28 cm), available in solid wood teak/limba, is priced at DKK 2,995.95 (RRP).

The monkey will be available in shops from early September 2014, but will be available as a limited edition of 500 monkeys in connection with the current Kay Bojesen exhibition at Sophienholm in Lyngby, Denmark, which will be open from 28 June until 21 September. The first 500 monkeys have a hang tag displaying consecutive numbers around their necks to document that they are both made in Denmark and genuine collectors’ items. The limited edition monkeys will be available only in Sophienholm’s museum shop and at Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen while stocks last.

Turtelduer, Kay Bojesen, Kongelig hofleverandør, dansk design, træfigurer, trædyr, lovebirds,

Turtle doves for design lovers

The turtle dove is known in both ornithology and mythology for mating for life, and with the launch of Kay Bojesen Denmark’s new Turtle Doves this spring, all design lovers will have a new friend for life. The Turtle Dove, which is a smaller version of its colourful cousin, The Songbird, is made from two-tone natural wood and sold in pairs as the ideal gift for any heartfelt celebration, from weddings to housewarmings.

julemand med sæk og stok, kay bojesen, hvid baggrund med skygge, ingen ramme, stående, juleide, julegave ideer,

A wooden Santa

With his paternal attitude, unyielding optimism and mantra that good design should be personal, warm and lively, Kay Bojesen could never be described as stiff as wood, quite the contrary! And yet, throughout his life, wood was his preferred medium, and the breadth of Kay Bojesen’s work is vast: from puffins and songbirds to rabbits and cool monkeys. This autumn, Kay Bojesen Denmark adds another member to the design family with the relaunching of his original wooden Santa from the 1940s, complete with bag and walking stick.

Kay Bojesen, Kongelig hofleverandør, træfigurer, sangfugl, Ernst, grå, hvid træfugl

New leader of the Songbird flock

Kay Bojesen’s woodwork is full of personality – from the swinging Monkey to the cheeky Hippo. In 2012, Kay Bojesen Denmark set the colourful Songbirds aflight, featuring names from the designer’s own family. Now another bird has landed in the family tree – the elegant, silver-topped leader of the flock, Ernst.

The distinguished gentleman “Ernst”, with his discrete grey plumage and striking black bill, is a perfect match for today’s graphic interior design trends. Ernst is named after Kay Bojesen’s father.

kay bojesen, kongelig hofleverandør, søpapegøje, træfigur, trædyr

A fabulous feathered friend

Last year, the colourful Songbirds flew into the family, and this year, we see the arrival of another feathered friend when Rosendahl gives us The Puffin. The bird known in Danish as the “sea parrot” because of its colourful bill may be Kay Bojesen’s most popular “forgotten” design, which he brought to life in 1954 in collaboration with scenographer Svend Johansen. Spring 2013 is the launch season of The Puffin, which Kay Bojesen created around the same time as The Monkey, The Bear and The Elephant, but which differs greatly in appearance from the other animals.

sangfugle, kay bojesen, ruth, kay, ernst, pop, sunshine, songbird, i flok, uden baggrund med tekst

A little bird told me ...

In Spring 2012, a new creation from Kay Bojesen Denmark takes flight to the delight of fans of all ages: The Songbird. It is a hitherto unknown design created by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s, but never put into production, until now. We bid Ruth, Pop, Otto, Kay, Peter and Sunshine a warm welcome to Bojesen’s wonderful animal family and predict that the six colourful personalities will quickly find friends among design lovers the world over.

kay bojesen, kongelig hofleverandør, stel, service, kop, tallerken, dyb, garder, abe,

Play with the favorite dishes

The monkey, the elephant, the bear, the rabbit, the soldier, the dachshund and the hippo are now inviting you to a food circus as motifs illustrated by danish illustrator Thomas Warming on a new children's crockery set that gets the imagination running and makes it easier for the carrots to slide down...

flodhest med åben mund og blyant, træfigur, træflodhest, kay bojesen, hvid baggrund med skygge, uden tekst

The Hippo

The Hippo was born in 1955. Its main function everyday was to keep track of Kay Bojesen’s sketching pencil. For decades, the animal universe of Kay Bojesen has united children and adults in endless hours of storytelling and day dreaming. The Hippo is made of white oak. It is an exact replica created from Kay Bojesen’s original drawings.

kanin, uden ramme, med skygge, hvid baggrund, kay bojesen

The Rabbit

The Rabbit was born in 1957 as the youngest member of Kay Bojesen’s animal family. For decades, the animal universe of Kay Bojesen has united children and adults in endless hours of storytelling and day dreaming. The Rabbit is made of white oak. It is an exact replica created from Kay Bojesen’s original drawings.

gravhund med skygge, ingen ramme, hvid baggrund, kay bojesen, træfigur,

The Dog

The Dog was born in 1934. Kay Bojesen’s intention was never to create an exact replica of any animal. His ambition was to create playful variations that should be pleasant to hold. The Dog is made of walnut wood and is treated with wood oil. It is an exact replica created from Kay Bojesen’s original drawings.

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Kay Bojesen is regarded as one of Denmark's biggest designer names and his designs are among the most popular in Danish design.


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